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Projector on Rent in Delhi NCR

rent a projector in Delhi

How to Rent a Projector?

Renting a projector is very easy now a days. There are numbers of vendor in Delhi NCR and offering projector rental service. But you should be aware about projectors quality, technology and specification to make sure your event go smooth without any problem. There are numbers of brand available which are making professional projectors for home use, business use and corporate uses. While there are cheap projectors available which can be purchased instead of renting. But these cheap projectors not good for professional use because you can accept if your projector crashed down during playing movies at home but you cant accept if such events happen during your live presentation or meeting.

We are in this business from years and we are using top brands and we know which projector is best for which gathering, event and installation aspects.

  • All Size Available (4 X 6, 6 X 8, 8 X 10, 9 X 12 & more..)
  • All Lumens Available (2500, 2700, 2800, 3000, 3200, 4000, 6000 & more.. )
  • Book for home, office, restaurant, conference, or any other locations.
  • Ports available USB, VGA, SVGA, HDMI
  • DLP, LCD, 3D Ready, HD, Full HD
  • Clear Quality, High Brightness and Contrast

High Quality Projectors Available

Projectors prices are vary according to quality, gathering and distances. If you are orgnizing a home party, birthday party or marrige annversery. In that condition you'll use to play video or photographs and in such condition basic projector screen would be enought for viewers upto 100. But projector needs best quality to make your event more delightfull. While basic projector would work too.

All Screen Size Available

Screen sizes vary according to gathering and type of presentation. If you have large number or viewers and want to show Power Point Presentation then it require High quality projector and large screen to make sure your viewers can read text you are wanted to deliver them.

Basic projectors screen comes as tripod sizes 6x4 feet, 7x5 feet & 8x6 feet. For conference and large gathering people use back projection with high lumens projection. we have 10x8 feet scree options which can be use for large gathering. We also offer back projection or front projection with screen masking.

Hire for Any Type Event

Hire for any type event like watching video, birthday party, marriage, business presentation, promotional event or meeting. Get better price on range of projectors from top brands. Call us to hire a projector.

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